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(Initial list taken from Not a Blog).  ($) means that you have to pay for it.  See Daily Crossword Links for a more exhaustive list daily.

NYT (daily) - New York Times, edited by Will Shortz ($)
LAT (daily) - Los Angeles Times, edited by Rich Norris
ND (daily) - Newsday, edited by Stanley Newman
UC (daily) - Universal Crossword, edited by David Steinberg
USA (daily) - USA Today crossword, edited by Erik Agard
WSJ (Monday-Saturday) - Wall Street Journal, edited by Mike Shenk
ATL (Mon-Fri, Sun) - The Atlantic (regular size on Sunday, minis on weekdays), edited by Caleb Madison
AVC (weekdays) - American Values Club crossword (M/Tu mini, W themed, Th cryptic, Fr themeless), edited by Ben Tausig ($)
TNY (weekdays) - The New Yorker (M-Th themeless, Fr themed; +Sunday cryptic)
DB (Mon-Thu, Sun) - Daily Beast, 10x10s by Matt Gaffney
VOX (Mon-Sat) - Vox Crosswords (regular size on Saturday, minis on weekdays) (constructors)
VUL (Mon-Fri) - Vulture 10x10 Crosswords
BEQ (Monday & Thursday) - indie puzzles by Brendan Emmett Quigley
NYM (Monday) - New York magazine, puzzles by Matt Gaffney
AN (Monday) - luckystreak xwords, indie puzzles by Ada Nicolle ($)
MF (Monday) - "Monday Fills", by Dave Murchie
WN (occasional Mondays) - "Bewilderingly", indie puzzles by Will Nediger
MC (first Monday of the month) - "Crosswords from Outer Space", indie puzzles by Mollie Cowger
JON/Jones (Tuesday) - Jonesin', syndicated alt-weekly by Matt Jones, edited by Matt Gaffney
AR (Tuesday) - Aries Puzzles, Rows Garden puzzles by Andrew Ries ($)
JP (Tuesday and alternate Mondays) - "Outside the Box" Rows Garden and variety puzzles by Joon Pahk and others ($)
CN (Tuesday) - "Crossword Nation", by Liz Gorski ($)
MCK (Tuesday) - The McKinsey Crossword, by Peter Gordon
MB (alternate Tuesdays) - "Garden Party" Rows Garden puzzles by Michael Blake ($)
TC (Wednesday & Saturday) - "Club 72" indie puzzles by Tim Croce
AR (Wednesday) - Aries XWord by Andrew Ries ($)
SM (Wednesday) - Square Pursuit by Steve Mossberg
FB (Wednesday) - Fireball Crosswords, edited by Peter Gordon ($)
SZ (some Wednesdays) - "Tough As Nails" indie puzzles by Stella Zawistowski
LF (Thursday) - Out of Left Field, cryptic crosswords by Joshua Kosman and Henri Picciotto ($)
CNA (Thursday) - Crucinova, edited by Lisa Bunker ($)
MGWC (Friday) - Matt Gaffney's Weekly Crossword Contest ($)
SPY (weekends) - Spyscape crosswords, edited by Will Nediger
Ink (alternate Fridays) - The Inkubator, edited by Laura Braunstein & Tracy Bennett ($)
FNC (alternate Fridays) - Fireball Newsweekly Crosswords by Peter Gordon ($)
WSJ2nd (Saturday) - Wall Street Journal variety puzzle, by Mike Shenk, Patrick Berry, and Cox & Rathvon
DAB (Saturday) - David Alfred Bywaters's Crossword Cavalcade
WP (Sunday) - Washington Post Magazine by Evan Birnholz
UCS (Sunday) - Universal Sunday, edited by David Steinberg
Hub (Sunday) - The Hub Crossword, BEQ, Cox & Rathvon ($)
RT (Sunday) - Rossword Puzzles, indie puzzles edited by Ross Trudeau
NYT2nd (Sunday) - New York Times "second Sunday" puzzle, edited by Will Shortz ($)
NYTPB (Sunday) - New York Times "A Little Variety" puzzle, by Patrick Berry ($)
Browser (Sunday) - The Browser, cryptic crosswords edited by Dan Feyer ($)
BT (days that end in 8) - "Puzzles That Need A Home" indie puzzles by Brian Thomas
MMMM (monthly) - Muller Monthly Music Meta by Pete Muller
BH (monthly) - xwords by a ladee, indie puzzles by Brooke Husic
EHA (intermittently) - Datalexic crosswords, indie puzzles by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano
BC (intermittently) - Brain Candy, indie puzzles by Amanda Rafkin
TE (intermittently) - "Grid Therapy", indie puzzles by Trent Evans
PP (intermittently) - "Grids These Days" indie puzzles by Paolo Pasco
RC (intermittently) - "Cruzzles" indie puzzles by Ricky Cruz
MS (intermittently) - Happy Little Puzzles, indie puzzles by Matthew Stock
ST (intermittently) - "A Crossword Blog", indie puzzles by Sam Trabucco
JKL (intermittently) - JKL Crosswords, indie puzzles by Jesse Lansner
LD (intermittently) - Lexicon Devil, indie puzzles by Richard D. Allen
WE (intermittently) - Half-Baked Puzzles, indie puzzles by Will Eisenberg
QV (intermittently) - QVXwords, indie puzzles by Quiara Vasquez
CA (intermittently) - "arctan(x)words" indie puzzles by Christopher Adams
SG (intermittently) - "Sid's Grids" indie puzzles by Sid Sivakumar
CK (intermittently) - "Chris Words" indie puzzles by Chris King
PGWCC (intermittently) - "PGW Crossword Challenge"
MAX (intermittently) - Max Puzzles, by Max
AK (intermittently) - "Cruciverbalist at Law" indie puzzles by Andy Kravis
TM (intermittently) - "Unthemely" indie puzzles by Todd McClary
EA (intermittently) - "Glutton for Pun" indie puzzles by Erik Agard
LEO (intermittently) - LEO, crosswords by Will Nediger, cryptics by Trip Payne

Former puzzles

CHE (Friday) - Chronicle of Higher Education, edited by Brad Wilber
A2Z (daily) - A-to-Z Crosswords: Petite Pangram Puzzles, by Peter Gordon and Frank Longo ($)
7X (Tue-Sun) - 7xwords (also), 7x7s by Malaika Handa and friends

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