Orientation to Not a Crossword Blog

Welcome to this crossword-solving times tracking site.  This is a continuation of the tracking site run by Dan Feyer for almost 11 years, Not a Blog.

Here's a little orientation.  An automatic post goes up every day of the week with a spreadsheet which contains a column for each regularly scheduled, commonly solved puzzle for that day.  Solvers add their name in the "Name" column, and their times (in minutes and seconds) in the column for that puzzle.  That's it.

Why do that?  For whatever reason you want.  Probably some combination of a desire to have a record of one's progress in speed-solving and to measure oneself against peers.  But again, it's up to you.

There are some conventions that have grown organically over the years in these spreadsheets.
  • Adding a column for a puzzle not listed is completely welcome!  If it's not obvious, add a link to where the puzzle can be found as a comment in the column header.  If it's a regularly recurring puzzle, let us know in the comments, and we may add it to the weekly templates.
  • By default, a time is for a crossword solved on the computer, often with Across Lite (but there are other options).
  • A puzzle solved on paper is usually indicated by appending "p" after the time.
  • If all of a user's puzzles for the day are done in paper, they might indicate that in their name, e.g. "John Doe - paper".  And if they solve one of those puzzles on the computer, that time might have a "c" appended.
  • Some users may solve downs-only for an extra challenge; this is usually indicated with "d" or "do" after the time.
  • An asterisk after the time usually indicates the puzzle was solved with an error.  Sometimes comments are added about the error; it's probably nice to not post a spoiler, though!
  • Some crossword variants or other word puzzles (e.g. Rows Gardens, Acrostics, Cryptic Crosswords) are listed as well.  As of December 2019, they are typically marked with a light green background.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post in the comments. Thanks!

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